Palmetto Breeze
Route 860                                                                     Updated 5/5/2016
Beaufort DSN (Hilton Head)                                        Beaufort County

Call the Palmetto Breeze Mobility Manager to schedule pick up at least one day before ride is needed

Bus Stop Location AM PM
Benton Field Rd. 6:05 4:20
Hilton Head Island
Jessica Dr. 6:40 4:00
Lotus Ct. 7:20 3:15
Pinecrest Cir. 7:35 3:00
Lakes Crossing 7:50 2:40
Beaufort DSN 8:20 2:10

ALL PICK-UP TIMES ARE TENTATIVE. Please give the bus a 15 minute
window on each side of the pick-up to make up for weather conditions,
traffic, and day to day difference in passenger pick-ups.