Dulamo RD. 4:40 AM 7:30pm
Tom Fripp Rd Tom Fripp Rd 4:43 AM 7:25PM
Hwy 21 Tom Fripp 4:46 AM 7:23PM
Sea Island pkwy St.Helena Elem 4:48 AM 7:19PM
Sea  Island Rd Club 21 4:49 AM 7:17PM
Fripp Point Rd Fire Station 4:50 AM 7:15PM
Hwy 21 Seaside Rd(corner) 4:53 AM 7:11PM
Seaside Rd Everest Ln 4:55 AM 7:08PM
Seaside Rd Folly Rd 4:57 AM 7:05PM
Seaside Rd Frogmore 4:58 AM 7:04PM
Seaside Rd Ball Park Rd 5:00AM 7:03PM
Ball Park Rd Saxonville 5:02AM 7:01PM
Saxonville Rd Club Bridge Rd 5:03AM  7:00PM
Lands End Rd Club Bridge Rd 5:04AM 6:55PM
Lands End Rd Scott Hill Rd NP/UAM 6:50pm
Lands End Rd MLK Island plaza 5:06AM 6:44PM
Sea Island pkwy Oak Rd 5:10AM 6:43PM
Hwy 21 Wells Fargo 5:15AM 6:40PM
Ribaut Rd/Paris Ave Fire Dept 5:18AM 6:36PM
Parris Island Gateway Bi-lo 5:20AM 6:35PM
Ribaut Rd Alvin ords 5:23AM 6:30PM
Ribaut Rd Circle K 5:25AM 6:28PM
Boundary St China Town 5:26AM 6:26PM
Hwy170 Lowes(Beaufort) 5:27AM 6:20PM
Hwy 21 Old Jerico Rd 5:29AM 6:06PM
Parris Island Gateway Taylors mobile home 5:30AM 6:05PM
Grober Hill Rd Castle Rock Rd 5:32AM 6:00PM
Grober Hill Rd Exxon 5:34AM 6:02PM
Hwy 170 sonic 5:45AM 6:15PM
Hwy 170 chelse Clinic 6:00AM 5:55PM
Hwy  170 Cleland/zaxbys 6:23AM 5:49PM
Hwy  278 Walmart(Hardeeville) 6:30AM 5:45PM
Benton Field Rd Palmetto Breeze 6:48AM 5:18PM
Hilton Head Island
Palmetto Bay Arrow Rd 7:12AM 4:24PM
Arrow Rd Dunnigan circle 7:17AM 4:26PM
Pope Ave Seabrook 7:22AM 4:30PM
Pope Ave Kangaroo(circle K) 7:25AM 4:32PM
N.Forest Beach Seacrest 7:26AM 4:33PM
N.Forest Beach Sonesta 7:30AM 4:34PM
Hwy 278 McDonalds(south End) 7:40AM 4:38PM


* ALL PICK-UP TIMES ARE TENTATIVE. Please give the bus a 10 minute
window on each side of the pick-up to make up for weather conditions,
traffic, and day to day difference in passenger pick-ups.