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If you will need help evacuating in the event of a hurricane, register in advance for a ride on this web site.

Register as soon as possible:

• If you live in Beaufort Country.
• If you have a disability or special health care need and require assistance to get out.
• If you cannot drive and cannot arrange transportation.
• If you do not have a vehicle and you have no one else to help you evacuate.

Frequently Asked Questions

• What information do I need to have when registering?

Phone number (there is only room for one number, so please give the best number to call)
Contact name
Contact relationship (aunt, brother, son, friend, landlord, etc.)
Contact phone number
Do you need transportation? (yes or no)
Do you have any service animals? (yes or no)
Do you have a special medical need? List the type of need you have.

• Who is going to see my personal information?

Palmetto Breeze will provide your information back to emergency planners in Beaufort County.

• Will I receive a call after I am registered?

Some emergency managers are not always able to contact individuals who have registered. This is because there are hundreds or thousands of entries. Emergency management and/or Palmetto Breeze transportation will only follow-up with individuals if there is a question/concern about a particular registrant. However, please keep in mind that just because someone does not get a letter or a phone call does not mean that emergency management and/or Palmetto Breeze transportation does not have their information.

• How long is this registry active? Do I need to call to update my information?

Once you are registered, your information is safe in the database. There is no need to call Palmetto Breeze or your local emergency management office back to verify registration. This includes people who registered last year.You are required to update your information.

• Can I register for someone else, such as my mother or other elderly/disabled relative?
As long as you have the individual’s consent to register them, you can register them on this database. Please be sure to have complete contact information, emergency contact information, and the reason that the individual needs transportation assistance before registering them.

• If there is a hurricane or other disaster and our area needs to evacuate, is someone going to pick me up or call me to see if I need help?

Local emergency management will make every attempt to evacuate someone who does not have the ability to evacuate themselves, as long as the person is in the direct path of the storm. In the event of a hurricane entering the Lowcountry, individuals should pay close attention to local media to determine when/how evacuations will take place. If someone needs specialized transportation, Emergency Management Information and Referral Specialists will have referrals for those callers at the appropriate time.

Another reason for the registration process is to give local emergency planners a better idea of the numbers of individuals who may need assistance, and the type of assistance they may need. It is essential that all individuals have a personal plan concerning evacuation needs that includes family, friends, or neighbors who may be able to assist them. Do not assume that someone will contact you. Continue with your individual evacuation plans and call if you need further guidance.



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